Tip No.1: Buy the right equipment

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

You don't need anything fancy, just the basics, invest (if you can) in the quality and you won't have to buy this stuff again for a very long time.

I've tried my best to find the cheapest items on Amazon which still retain good quality. My own kitchen is made up of a mix of these and bits and bobs from IKEA and Wilkos. My advice is to compare between Amazon and local stores to find what's cheapest for you at the time.

1. Saucepans: 1 big for boiling (pasta, rice etc) and 1 small for sauces. If you only feel like buying both, get the bigger one.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Little Saucepan , Big Saucepan)

2. Frying pan: One nice wide one, with a thick base and a metal handle.

Thick base means that it retains heat better, but the thicker the more expensive, so buy what you can afford. The metal handle is so that you can put it in the oven (very handy for student cooking).

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Frying Pan)

3. Cast Iron Pot: Wide, deep and thick.

Try not to over-budget this one, a good cast iron can last you for life - if you take care of it.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Cast Iron Pot)

4. Spatula: The best utensil for flipping burgers, omelettes etc. Make sure you get a spatula made from strong plastic, you don't want one that bends under the pressure of flipping a burger. Stick to plastics/rubber to stop from scratching your pans.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Spatula)

5. Tongs: Perfect for turning over smaller or more fiddly foods such as bacon slice. Again, stay away from metal tongs as these will scratch your pan.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Tongs)

6. Grater: For all your grating needs, if you know you're going to buy grated cheese (like me) don't get one.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Grater)

7. Peeler: For all your peeling needs. Get one that has the blade perpendicular to the thumb - they're much easier to use.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Peeler)

8. Knives: You need two knives, a long one and a short one. The long is for chopping large vegetables and meat. The short is for chopping small vegetables, filleting or de-boning.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Long Knife, Short Knife)

9. Chopping Board: For those two knives you need a chopping board. I'd recommend getting one colour for your meats and another for your veggies.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Chopping Board)

10. Sieve: Incredibly useful. Helps with; baking, draining, stock-making etc. Get one with clips at the edge so it will sit in a bowl on its own.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Sieve)

11. Mixing Bowl: Get a nice big mixing bowl, there's nothing worse than trying to whisk or stir something and it comes flying out the sides.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Mixing Bowl)

12. Serving Spoon: Used for the best bit of cooking, serving onto eager plates. Stick to a cheap plastic, stay away from metals again.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Serving Spoon)

13. Measuring Jug: A necessity for the kitchen, get one of these or an american 'cup' to measure out your liquids for recipes.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Measuring Jug)

14. Cutlery: Just buy whatever cutlery you like the look of, I got my cutlery off amazon. You can save some money if you buy a set and share it with your housemates.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Cutlery)

15. Plates, Bowls, Glasses: Same as the cutlery, buy the tableware that makes you excited to cook and eat dinner. Buy as a house to save money.

Click here to buy off Amazon: (Plates, Bowls, Glasses)

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